Joe Armato: Committed to Helping Others

19 Jan

Joe Armato believes that helping others who are less fortunate is an important task for those with the ability to make a difference. He is currently the owner and operator of his own business, Nationwide Contracting and Consulting Inc., and has been for the last 27 years. His business offers contracting and consulting services to families and businesses located in Manhattan and the Hamptons has him rubbing shoulders with some of the most elite names in New York, but he is always willing to help those in need.

Joe Armato

Being an active member of the community is important. Not only are you ensuring the future of your community by setting an example, but you are also improving upon the lives of those who make your community what it is. One major way a person can get involved in their community is by helping underprivileged youth. Your community leaders of the future are the children you take care of today, so it is important to make sure they have a strong example to follow as they continue to grow and learn life lessons.

Many inner city children do not have the luxury of taking a much needed vacation from their high rise surroundings, especially in the summer when the heat can be especially brutal. The Fresh Air Fund for Kids is only one example of a program dedicated to helping children take advantage of opportunities they could not normally afford.

Joseph Armato is an advocate for the Fresh Air Fund for Kids and has seen first hand what inner city children must endure during the heat of the summer. He explains that some inner city children in New York rarely have more than a fire hydrant to keep cool during the summer, which makes outdoor activities nearly impossible. The Fresh Air Fund for Kids allows these children to take trips out of the city and enjoy some time in the summer.

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