Joseph Armato – Great Times at the Ferrari Club of America

01 Sep

Joining clubs gives an opportunity for individuals to pursue their passions with a common interest. Clubs are unique to cater to their members needs also. Some clubs get together based on activities that unite them. There are other clubs that require having relevance in a nostalgic way. Some clubs are even giving benefits for the membership. In many cases, fundraisers and charities are also done through the amassing of members for noble causes. One such group is the Ferrari Club of America which was established in 1962. There are over 5000 members in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Their main focus is to enjoy an activities year around for all to enjoy. There are various rallies that are held in which Ferraris are on display for all to enjoy.

Joesph Armato

This organization has 36 chapters that have various events. There is an annual meeting that is considered a spectacular event to witness. Another great perk of being a member has the opportunity to receive an issue of “Prancing Horse”. The magazine is published quarterly and has been in circulation for over 41 years. It covers all the latest news and gossip for the Ferrari Club of America. Another great feature in this magazine is the announcements for the organization as well as upcoming events. Another amazing privilege that is given to the members is the rallies where they go to the major race tracks to race their Ferraris. As a member of the club, Joseph Armato loves to attend rallies in the tri-state area.

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