Being Grateful for Success

06 Jul

Joe Armato has led a successful business life. He attended the Sobelsohn School of Insurance in New York City, where he received his Associate’s degree in property casualty negotiations. After graduation, Armato spent more than 20 years in the property casualty industry before deciding that he had enough skill and experience to go out on his own. He founded and has been successful with Nationwide Contracting and Consulting Inc., a company which specializes in providing solutions to client’s homes that have been damaged by natural disasters. Countless number of customers have recommended him for his expert services, values as a business owner and the attention and care he demonstrates towards his clients.


Joe Armato has found his dream job as a Real Estate Developer and he is more grateful than most. People who approach life with a sense of gratitude are constantly aware of what’s wonderful in their life. They enjoy their successes, seek out further success and should they fail, are able to put it into perspective and not allow it to get them down. On the other hand, people who do not practice gratitude are never truly happy. They do not enjoy what they do and are miserable when they fail. Essentially, it boils down to practicing gratitude if you want to experience success in life. The more you are grateful; it will become second nature ad easier to do.

Practice being grateful every day. Find a space of time when you can reflect on something positive that happened that day and write it down. Most people recommend right before bed because this should be your quiet time. You will slowly start to see the changes and even notice more things to be grateful for. Success will feel greater than it did before and failure won’t bother you as much. Start practicing your attitude of gratitude and watch the wonderful changes that occur in your life and business.

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