Importance of Employee Satisfaction

30 Jun

Satisfied employees are happy employees, and happy employees stand by their company or employer. They believe in their bosses dream for the company and work because they want to see the company achieve its best and reach its highest potential. When employee satisfaction is high, there is a pleasant atmosphere at work. Joe Armato values his employees input and understands why employee satisfaction is essential, here are some of those reasons that identify the importance of employee satisfaction.

  • Employee retention: when employees are happy or satisfied, the feeling of wanting to leave their job disappears. Also companies need to grow with deserving and talented employees; this will raise the chances of greater success foremployee1 the company.
  • Increased revenue for the company: when individuals feel an attachment and loyalty towards their organisation, the company comes first and everything else later. They work harder that they would otherwise knowing that they will be compensated for their hard work put into the company.
  • Creates community: happy employees have a sense of belonging among the group of workers and thus, a culture of happy diligent workers is born. They will give their all for each other and the company and by their deliberate actions or otherwise, share with the world their love for their job, employer and what they do.
  • Customers are happy: happy employees often translate into excellent customer service.

Armato embodies this belief by his wish to provide for his employees at Nationwide, an environment where they can think and express their ideas. He approves of open communication among his staff, which has helped reveal aspects of the company that need to be changed and new ideas that may be beneficial. When a team is empowered, their work ethic will increase.

In summary, when employee satisfaction is widespread in the company, the result of that satisfaction will manifest itself as: higher service, quality and productivity; higher customer satisfaction; increased sales and high levels of profit. Invest in your employees so that they can invest in you!

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