How to Become a Licensed Contractor

26 Jun

Joe Armato wears many hats, among those is that of a licensed contractor. He has been a leading industry contractor for more than 25 years. With his experience he was able to found his own company, Nationwide Contracting and Consulting Inc. If you are thinking about a career in contracting, then you will need to know the essential information that can help you get there.


All the work necessary for construction or renovation of various types of buildings and infrastructures are organized by contractors. More often than not they work from a field office where they can oversee all the work directly. There is also collaboration with all members of the construction team, such as architects and engineers, and the contractor is also often the intermediary between the developer, or builder and the subcontractors who perform the various jobs needed including plumbing, electrical, carpentry and flooring work.

Despite the intensity of the job description, becoming a licensed contractor is actually quite straight forward:

  • While a formal education is not necessary, it certainly comes highly recommended. A degree can be highly beneficial if you plan to go into management in the future, as such some firms prefer to hire contractors with a bachelor’s degree.
  • You must complete on the job training. Contractors are often hired as assistants under an experienced manager for a training period of several months to years. This training period can be reduced by having practical construction experience.
  • Meet the local certification and licensing requirements. In the United States, licensing and certification requirements vary state to state. Check with your city for local requirements.

Once you have your license, come up with a business plan, stay committed and network.

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