Joe Armato – Contributions to the PCRM

29 May

Joe Armato has worked in the real estate market as founder and owner of Nationwide Consulting and Contracting for 27 years based in New York City. Over that time, he has helped families rebuild their houses after fires and other accidents, and invested in highly profitable real estate development deals in Manhattan and the Hamptons. During his time in New York, Armato has noticed many different charitable organizations doing great work in his community and the communities in which he works.

Joe Armato

One favorite charity of Joe Armato is the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, or PCRM. The PCRM is concerned with the lack of regulation surrounding the treatment of animals for experimentation. Rats, mice, and other animals are experimented upon and euthanized senselessly and for shaky reasons, says Armato. He says that a number of physicians have gone on record saying that medical experiments on animals testing drugs and medical procedures are not as helpful as many physicians have previously thought. Many doctors now question the legitimacy of experiments on animals because they often yield misleading results. Despite rats and mice being closely related to humans, there are still many differences in the physiology of rats and humans. Many tests don’t accurately reveal how drugs and other treatments will affect humans.

Joe Armato believes, based on his conversations with the doctors behind PCRM, that the costs of animal testing outweigh potential benefits. He thinks that animal testing is inherently cruel, and with new medical advancements, unnecessary. Armato hopes that his contributions to PCRM make a difference in the fight against animal cruelty.

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