Joe Armato – Proud Contributor to SafeDriver

14 May

Joe Armato, the founder and president of the prestigious real estate company Nationwide Consulting and Contracting, In., is a car enthusiast. He is a member of the Ferrari Club of America and collects sports cars. He knows the dangers of inexperienced and unskilled drivers on the road for everyone. This is why he contributes to the SafeDriver Program run by the National Auto Sports Association, of which he is also a member.

Joe Armato

Joe Armato contributes to SafeDriver because it provides teens the resources they need to be the safest drivers they can be on a daily basis. The instructors for SafeDriver are all nationally licensed and have taken a certified Instructor Training Course at a certified Instructor Training School, sanctioned by the high Performance Driver Education program. They have also spent hundreds of hours with students in training cars teaching them everything they need to know about how to drive safely in real-time. The SafeDriver program teaches teens the basics of vehicle dynamics, advanced driving skills, and race craft. These teens receive the best instruction for the most useful skills from the best teachers. The more drivers who have gone through the SafeDriver course on the roads, the safer they will be for everyone driving.

Joe Armato cites a shocking statistic whenever he talks about the SafeDriver program. Motor vehicle accidents are the number one leading cause of death among American teens. Motor vehicle accidents kill more American teens than drugs, homicides, and suicides combined. Armato says that this statistic opened his eyes to the dangers teens face behind the wheel.


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